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The organisation is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider offering cloud-based, large-scale data analytics services to the public transit and transport sectors in Australia. They are industry leaders in public transit data analytics with more than two decades of experience in the market.


They encountered an increase in data volumes, along with a strong need for improved response times due to their expanding growth. The company also had static capital and operational expenditure budgets (capex/opex) year-on-year, another area they sought to improve upon. 


We identified unused capabilities

Engage with Burgess Systems Consulting to get dynamic solutions to these problems. Our team was able to identify unused capability in their platform, which would have a significant impact on their return on investment (ROI) for the company’s hardware and software investment.

Based on this capability, we identified three solutions to address this.

  1. Remove the physical dependency between the customer’s infrastructure and their database environment, which would assist the Oracle performance and optimisation. 
  2. Make it possible for the delivery of multiple terabyte database environments for both development and test platforms at no extra license cost to the customer.
  3. Remove the constraints to the customer’s capacity that allow the company to focus on growth independent from their infrastructure requirements.


Improved business and operations

Our recommendations led to multiple improvements in the customer’s business and operations. They were able to scale their SaaS business as demand increased. They also recognised large-scale capital expenditure savings, just by making improved use of technical capabilities of their existing platform.

BSC also delivered both a robust and secure SaaS database platform, which has proven to operate very well within the customer’s required service level agreement (SLA) windows. 

We also provided a strong foundation whereby the customer could make use of further platform capabilities. The end benefit to the customer was a significant increase in the return on their existing investment in Oracle technology.