Extreme Scalability

Government IT services

We identified the most effective and scalable solution using customers existing Oracle databases


State government organisation that provides shared IT services to organisations across New South Wales. 

The organisation has an Oracle database which supports the Finance, HRMS & Payroll, Procurement & Supply Chain functions for various local entities.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (BI Apps) were implemented across the organisation’s entire user base to support business decision making and reporting requirements.


The organisation encountered unique challenges with their implementation.

These included… 

  • The rollout of the Oracle BI Applications suite which had to provide real-time reporting and analytic capabilities across multiple business units and subject areas. 
  • Delivering on performance requirements because of significant data volumes. 
  • Needing to hit a performance target of less than five seconds response time for each reporting dashboard. 

With such a large user base accessing huge data volumes, these challenges were proving to be difficult with the existing solution.


Effective scalability using existing Oracle database

Team up with BSC, a team with experience in scaling database operations.

After engaging with the clients key stakeholders in the database management, our team at BSC suggested the following approaches:

  1. Use the existing capabilities of the Oracle Database platform to meet requirements.
  1. Identify the most effective and scalable solution. We identified  Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database and Oracle In-Memory capabilities as being essential to this.


Increased system ROI

A major customer success. 

In the first phase, we met all the response time requirements. 

The initial success drove follow-up demand for a significant increase in reporting requirements, which led to increasing system return on investment (ROI). 

BSC delivered a highly scalable solution that enabled the organisation to meet their future reporting requirements without large scale changes to their existing system.

The BSC team’s expertise and knowledge was the “secret sauce” needed to unlock the capabilities in the system and deliver a solution that met all the organisation’s requirements.