Architecture & Design

Use our extensive knowledge of mission critical IT platforms to design a solution that meets your requirements.


Database platform solutions that provide the foundation for digital innovation.


Infrastructure solutions aligned to support your mission critical systems and maximise your software investment.


Solutions for robust application tier platforms that reliably help support your business operations 24×7.

Design solutions that maximise value & performance

We provide solution design services across infrastructure, database and application tiers that support demanding technical requirements.

Our real-world designs are produced with a combination of vendor best practices, maximising value, and incorporating the principles of availability, scalability, performance, security, and operational effectiveness.

Benefits of our Architecture & Design services:

Fit for purpose

Scalable for growth

Optimised for performance


Correct database platform design provides the foundation for digital innovation

Well designed database platform solutions support new business initiatives, whilst providing stability and security for existing business processes. Modern database platforms must balance requirements for data security, system availability, cost effectiveness, scalability and be flexible to support digital transformation.

We provide customers database platform solutions that meet demanding requirements, yet are cost effective to manage and support under real-world conditions.

We provide the following database design solutions:
Private cloud database as a service
Hybrid cloud database platforms
High availability & Disaster Recovery
High security and sensitive platforms
Database & Server Consolidation
We can help you design solutions for the following database technologies:
Postgre SQL
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Aurora
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift


Take full advantage of the platform capabilities with correct solution design

Scalable and flexible infrastructure solution design becomes a value multiplier when supporting critical database and application platforms. Correct infrastructure solution design enables investments in both hardware and software to be maximised, taking full advantage of the platform capabilities.

We help customers design infrastructure solutions that support business innovation, whilst driving down total cost of ownership and increasing operating efficiencies.

We provide the following infrastructure design solutions:
Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
High availability & Disaster Recovery
High security and sensitive platforms
Systems consolidation and rationalisation
We can help you design infrastructure solutions for the following technologies:

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure




Support new business initiatives without reinventing the wheel

Robust application tier platforms reliably support business operations 24×7. Well designed application platforms are also cost effective and scalable – supporting new business initiatives without needing to re-invent the wheel.

We help customers design application tier solutions that support demanding availability requirements whilst being secure, scalable and flexible.

We provide the following application technology design solutions:
Identity Management
Web & application services
High availability & Disaster Recovery
Heightened security & sensitive platforms.
Systems consolidation and rationalisation
We can help you design application solutions for the following technologies:

Oracle Fusion Middleware


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



Can I see the technology in action?

Yes, you will be able to see the outcome of a well designed system. These systems merge competing requirements of cost, availability, scalability and security into a workable solution that supports the business. 

How can I improve what I do?

Look at adopting the latest application, database and infrastructure technologies to support system consolidation and reduce your operational running costs. 

Combining these technologies with automation frameworks can significantly reduce the human effort required to operate these platforms – and enable IT organisations to support increasing business requirements.

How do you modify configuration?

We look to change the existing configuration during a database upgrade or migration. 

This provides value as new features can be utilised to improve performance, availability, scalability and security.

What modifications tend to be more cost effective?

Any modifications that make the best use of the existing capabilities are winners. 

A great example is adopting new features that come with the latest releases of software that reduce the effort required to manage database platforms. This not only reduces your operational overheads it also allows you to tap into additional value from your existing software licenses that you may own.

It also pays to understand the combined value of new features across the entire technology stack. One example of this is when an organisation deploys new storage technology that supports compression and thin provisioning. Whilst this can solve capacity problems for the infrastructure team – there is a potential higher value benefit that it solves a large problem for a database team who are constrained to provision database environments due to disk space consumption.