Get real world assessment and advice that’s independent and specifically addresses your questions or problems.


Review performance, scalability, availability and security with our comprehensive database health check


We provide intensive security assessments so you can be aware of any risks in your database platform.


We help you understand options available and identify any risks so you can prepare to upgrade with confidence.


Ensure your database migration to the cloud is smooth with our cloud migration assessment.


Start on the right path with your database migration so you can reduce risks and obtain maximum value.


Solve your database performance problems with our in-depth analysis and practical solutions.

Valuable independent advice that is based on real world experience

Our reviews and assessments help our customers answer questions about their enterprise IT platforms and provide actionable recommendations to enact change.

We provide an independent review and assessment of your enterprise IT platforms configuration and operations that provide you with the correct information necessary for effective decision making. 

Whether you have specific systems problems impacting your operational metrics – or require a path forward amongst all the jargon that works for your environment – we work with you to resolve your problems and plan your systems strategies moving forward. 

We provide Review & Assessment services for the following database technologies:

Benefits Of Our Review & Assessment:

Comprehensive coverage of entire stack

Designed to address specific concerns

Detailed analysis – based on fact

Vendor independent – not designed to “sell” you more

Real world recommendations

Microsoft SQL Server
Postgre SQL
Amazon RDS


Database Health Check

DB-ASSURE health check provides you with the knowledge that the deployed database system is set up to meet your requirements.

Our tried and proven DB-ASSURE toolkit combines the data collection, analysis and reporting activities that are instrumental in helping us assess the configuration and health of your database platform. 

We identify any problems with the deployed system, document the risks involved and provide a practical action plan to help address any issues.

Benefits of a DB-Assure Database Health Check:

A comprehensive check of your database, operating system and infrastructure components.

Aligned to the vendor recommended best practices for configuration and maintenance.

Recommendations formulated around the core pillars of performance, scalability, availability and security.

Expert review, analysis and recommendations.

Recommendations based on providing the maximum benefit to your system.


Database Platform Security Assessment

DB-SECURE database security assessment gives you knowledge of the security posture of the deployed database platform. 

We provide you with insights to any existing risks and provide actionable steps to increase the security resilience of the database platform. DB-SECURE is an effective way to aid your database security efforts and assist with compliance requirements.

Why get a DB-Secure Database Platform Security Assessment?

Assessments are database centric with a focus on protecting your most valuable data assets.

Analysis and review of the database and operating system configuration.

Standard vendor and industry based security reporting tools are used.

We focus on what risks you are exposed to and what practical steps can be taken to reduce those risks.

Recommendations are grouped by benefit v impact and consider application specific requirements (where applicable).


Database Upgrade Readiness Assessment

DB-UPGRADE helps you start a database upgrade project with the confidence that the delivered project will be completed within the project timeframe and budgets.

We help you understand the upgrade options available and identify any risks that may derail your project. Our comprehensive review covers the database, operating system and application changes required from the upgrade.

Why choose DB-UPGRADE?

Comprehensive review of database, operating system and application changes required.

Provides a roadmap for technical planning and budgeting.

Identifies opportunities to unlock additional value of the database platform once upgraded.

Provides a robust strategy to mitigate risk during the upgrade and robust rollback capabilities.

Reviews methods to mitigate risk of performance or stability changes due to the upgrade.


Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

DB-RUNWAY provides an overview of the cloud migration options and activities needed to prepare to successfully migrate your database platform to the cloud. 

It also helps you understand the scope and effort required to migrate to cloud along with any existing system changes required to help with a smooth migration.

We provide you with practical, low risk steps that can greatly reduce the time, cost and risk of migrating critical database platforms to the cloud.

Why choose DB-RUNWAY?

The combined assessment reduces the risk and change required to migrate to public cloud.

It’s tailored to the unique needs of public cloud migration.

Both public and hybrid cloud migration options are covered.

Analysis of operational support systems – monitoring, backup, SIEM, authentication.

Review of system certification and license impacts.


Database Migration Assessment

We start you on the right path with your migration – from the beginning.

DB-MIGRATE helps you obtain maximum value from your database infrastructure refresh or platform migration with a comprehensive review of your migration options, target solution and system dependencies. 

We help you reduce the risks and unlock opportunities from the migration and maximise your database platform investment. 

Why choose DB-MIGRATE?

Comprehensive review of all system touch points during a migration.

Reviews opportunities to unlock additional improvements from the database platform as a part of the migration.

Analysis of technical migration methods available for your system.

Ensure target platform alignment to system requirements.


Database Performance Optimisation

Unlock the true performance potential of your database.

DB-OPTIMISE helps solve your database performance problems. 

Our team will identify, measure and resolve your database performance problems. Guess work is not part of our vocabulary – our work is based on facts, data and validated fixes.

Why choose DB-OPTIMISE?

Measurement based performance issue diagnostic and root cause analysis.

Cost analysis impact of not fixing the existing performance problem.

Clearly defined action plan to resolve and remediate the problem forever.

Let us help you become the IT hero. Fast systems = happy customers.


Do you have expertise in this type of technology? 

Yes. Our team has experience working with customers and industries who use:

  • Oracle Database 
  • AWS RDS, AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift
  • Microsoft SQL
  • PostgreSQL 

Our foundational expertise is helping customers manage and maintain mission critical database platforms.

What’s the problem that you fix?

We evaluate the current setup and configuration and provide solutions to optimise and improve our client’s database platforms.

What do the review and assessments typically cover?

Reviews and assessments validate that the current implemented system is configured and operated to business and vendor requirements. Alignment to business requirements ensures that the system is able to meet the demands placed on it to keep the business running. Alignment to vendor requirements ensures that the system is deployed in a supported configuration as expected by software and hardware vendors.

The components reviewed by each service vary depending on the type of review. Each review will analyse and report findings on a specific area – whether that be a general health check, system security, platform optimisation etc.

How long does this take?

Reviews and assessments start at 4 days for a simple database environment assessment. Larger and more complex databases will require more time to complete and will incur additional costs.