Dedication. Quality. Accountability. Expertise. See why we are trusted by our customers to implement their critical application platforms. 


Database platform implementations that support the most demanding availability, performance and security requirements.


Transforming and enabling modern infrastructure platforms that support mission critical database and application workloads.


Scalable and secure application platforms that support modern business processes in a connected world.


Implementing secure, scalable and cost effective enterprise cloud platforms that deliver now and into the future.

Successful implementations – done right the first time

System implementations have never been more complex and delivery timeframes have never been tighter. In addition to this, the choices between cloud, on-premise and hybrid technologies present many different ways to implement solutions.

BSC helps customers avoid system implementation delays and problems. Our team’s expertise across a wide range of technologies combined with our common sense approach, provide you with peace of mind that your implementation project will be done right the first time, on time.

Benefits of our Implementation services:

Enables digital innovation

Increases business resilience

Maximises return on investment


Our teams database expertise will take you from concept to reality

Modern database platforms support a diverse set of critical requirements. They must be robust, scalable, secure and support a variety of workloads with low total cost of ownership. In short, it is a big set of requirements.

If you look at the Oracle database for example, there are a myriad of options and features that must be implemented correctly to ensure business success.

BSC helps customers successfully implement mission critical database platforms that serve the most demanding requirements – whilst being cost effective to support and operate.

We can help you implement the following database technologies:

Postgre SQL
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift


Building the foundation to support your digital transformation – now and into the future

Technology is becoming more interconnected than ever before. The ability for software and hardware to work together is essential, and often vital to a company’s success.

Infrastructure platforms are no longer siloed to single locations supporting one application. Complex hybrid and private cloud infrastructure platforms are required to support modern business requirements.

BSC helps customers implement modern infrastructure solutions that support the most demanding database and application workloads.

We help customers implement the following infrastructure technologies:

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure




Correctly implemented application platforms provide a solid foundation to meet your business needs

Enterprise application server platforms underpin complex and diverse functionality for both online, batch, real-time and internet facing applications.

We work with our customers and help them implement robust and scalable mission critical application platforms that are affordable and cost effective.

We help customers implement the following application technologies:

Oracle Fusion Middleware


Cloud technologies reduce the time and cost to implement mission critical platforms

With the flexibility and speed of provisioning cloud services comes the challenge of balancing cost vs requirements. BSC helps customers implement cloud platforms that are not only robust and flexible – but also optimised to avoid bill shock.

While successful enterprise cloud deployments require deep expertise across the database, middleware and infrastructure building blocks, our team is up for the challenge.

We help customers implement the following cloud technologies:





Have you done work like this before?

Yes. We have worked with customers from the initial concept meeting through to launching a fully operational enterprise IT platform supporting critical business processes.

What should we be aware of?

IT platforms are created to support the business – not complicate it. Try to keep everything simple. Be wary of too much complexity. Every “feature” comes with a level of complexity. Having more makes it harder to maintain and you’ll need a highly skilled team to make sure everything works accordingly.  We always recommend to start simple and then add complexity – if it is required.

Good communication and accountability with the implementation team also goes a long way towards getting the project completed on time and to budget.

What is your approach?

It is our role to ensure that the system implementation supports the application, database and infrastructure solution design requirements. We do this through our knowledge and experience across application, database and infrastructure technologies.

What’s your flexibility about how and when it can be implemented?

We are flexible working within customer timeframes.

We understand there are circumstances beyond anyone’s control that can delay projects. This is even more relevant when dealing with complex implementation projects that typically require multiple teams to work together across different layers of the technology stack.

What’s your willingness to work with other partners?

We enjoy building strong relationships with our partner community and work with customer partners when required.

What technologies have you worked with?

  • Oracle
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL/MariaDB

Do you have case studies of this work?

Yes. You can view our case studies here.