Get your system performance problems resolved across the entire stack. We remove the guesswork and fix problem areas using a structured and scientific approach. 


We help our customers optimise their cloud based platforms.


We help our customers fix database performance problems.


We help our customers optimise their application servers and middleware.


Our team delivers increased capabilities at a reduced cost.

Poor system performance costs time, resources and money

Our systems optimisation services help resolve complex performance problems across the entire technology stack.

The first step to resolving system performance issues is clearly defining the problem. A well-defined problem significantly reduces the time and effort to diagnose complex system issues. A well-defined problem aligns the scope of the solution to the issue to be resolved. This critical step is often overlooked in favour of coming up with a solution first. 

We believe following a structured approach to performance optimisation is critical to success. To help you fix your system performance problems faster download our Performance Diagnostic Process template now which provides you a structured process from start to finish.

Benefits of our Optimisation services:

Increased customer satisfaction

Reduced support costs

Better utilisation of IT assets

Greater employee engagement


Far too many organisations don’t have the right cloud size for their needs

It’s either too big or too small.

You end up either paying too much for something you don’t use, or paying for something you can’t use effectively.

We help our customers optimise their cloud based platforms to ensure that cloud services are aligned to workload, availability and security requirements. 

The end result is a well optimised cloud platform that is configured to work harder for you; so you’ve got access to the size and capabilities that you need, when you need them.

Our team has specialised expertise across Oracle Cloud infrastructure and Amazon Web Services to assist customers with:

Cloud cost management.

Cloud service optimisation.

Automation and dynamic provisioning.


Poor database performance can directly impact business operations, cause a loss of revenue and reputation

Modern database management platforms underpin a wide variety of mission critical systems supporting both back office and real-time customer facing applications.

Fixing database performance problems requires specialist expertise working within a structured framework. Our team works to resolve your critical database performance issues – effectively and efficiently.

We can help you optimise the following database technologies:

Postgre SQL
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Aurora


Application servers and middleware are like oil in an engine or flour in bread

They’re a vital component in the complex web of IT systems that provide user interface, batch and integration services.

Well optimised application servers and middleware are the essential glue in modern application platforms – they provide the link between the business process and the underlying database management platform. 

Incorrectly configured application servers can be a major contributor to poor performance. They also increase infrastructure costs and limit system scalability.

Fixing application server performance problems requires specialist expertise across the whole application platform – web servers, middleware and infrastructure.

We can help you optimise the following applications technologies:

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Weblogic Server

Sage X3

Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat
Sage X3


Poor performing infrastructure platforms can derail the most well optimised software stacks

Misaligned compute, storage and network infrastructure can introduce system bottlenecks that are expensive and time consuming to remedy and severely limit system scalability.

BSC have specialised expertise in optimising infrastructure platforms to support high performing database and application platforms. 

Our team works on a “right-size” infrastructure approach – delivering reduced cost and increased capabilities for their hosted workloads.

We can help you optimise the following infrastructure technologies:

Oracle Exadata & Engineered Systems

VMWare VSphere

Linux & Solaris


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

VM Ware


How do you remove the guesswork when optimising a system?

We follow a tried and tested approach based on scientific principles to correctly define the problem and provide practical, actionable solutions. 

What is your approach to resolving system performance problems?

After meeting with you to discuss your situation, our approach is…

  1. Clearly define the problem(s) in terms of business impact.
  2. Measuring the problem in the database server and then working up through the application and client layers of the technology stack.
  3. Diagnose and identify the root cause of the performance problem based on collected system metrics.
  4. Identify solutions to address the root cause of the performance problem.
  5. Test and evaluate the solution to validate that the problem is fixed.
  6. Implement solution into the live production system
  7. Evaluate and verify the problem is fixed in the live production system.

What do you get out of the engagement?

You will get information on the root cause of their system performance issue and an action plan to resolve the problem. We base all of our analysis and findings on real data – no assumptions, no guesswork as to the cause of the problem.

Recommendations will be tailored to your specific problem. Depending on the nature of the issue we will provide operational, tactical and strategic changes required to address the performance problems reported.

What’s the timeline to get this done?

  • For a single system, it is usually between 4-5 days. 
  • For larger, more complex systems it can be between 10-15 days.

How do I know it’ll be fixed for good?

We test everything to make sure our solutions are workable in a live system.