Migration & Upgrade

Embark on your modernisation journey with a trusted partner who has done it all before.


Drive innovation using the latest database technologies to modernise your business.


Unlock modern infrastructure capabilities to meet demanding business requirements.


Provide advanced middleware technology to support non-stop business process requirements.


Migrate to on-demand, global scale enterprise technology capabilities.

Complete upgrade and refresh projects successfully

We help our customers transform their enterprise IT platforms to adopt the latest technologies.
Mission critical platform upgrades are complex, risky, and not for the faint-hearted. With these risks come significant opportunities. More so than ever, current software releases offer features to improve performance, resilience and security across modern application platforms.

BSC helps customers complete upgrade and migration projects successfully, on-time and within budget. Our pragmatic approach and real world experience provides you with the expertise to successfully complete your upgrade or migration projects.

We work tirelessly to make sure that a quality job is done.

Benefits from our Migration & Upgrade services:

Improved performance

Improved resilience

Improved security


Gain that competitive edge with successful database upgrades

Database upgrade and migration projects can be the most complex and high risk IT changes an organisation can undertake. Database upgrades or migrations have the potential to introduce changes that can impact system stability and performance.

Adopting the latest database technologies provides opportunities to increase system resilience and reduce costs.

At BSC we help our customers successfully upgrade their database platforms – with minimal downtime and minimal risk.

We can help you upgrade or migrate the following database platforms:

Postgre SQL
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift


Infrastructure modernisation provides a cost effective way to increase performance, resilience and security

Hardware infrastructure is constantly evolving. Refreshing your enterprise IT infrastructure opens up opportunities to do more with less.

Infrastructure modernisation provides a cost effective way to increase the performance, resilience and security of your mission critical platforms. Faster servers and storage platforms provide opportunities to reduce response times and increase system scalability.

BSC helps customers complete complex infrastructure upgrades and migrations that minimise system downtime, and maximise the value throughout the entire technology stack. 

We can help you upgrade or migrate the following infrastructure platforms:

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle VM

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure




Improve applications security, resilience and performance

Applications technology stack upgrades provide opportunities to improve the security, resilience and performance of the middleware technology layer. They also provide a great opportunity to support cloud integration in a real time, connected world.

With specialist expertise in enterprise application platforms, BSC helps customers upgrade and adopt to the latest middleware technologies – on-premise or in the cloud.

We can help you upgrade or migrate the following application technology platforms:

Oracle Fusion Middleware



Reduce costs and increase agility by migrating to the public cloud

Migrating existing applications to the public cloud provides many opportunities to reduce costs and increase agility.

We help our customers successfully navigate through the challenges of cloud migration by using our extensive expertise in migrating complex mission critical platforms. Successful cloud migrations require expertise of both the cloud platform and the database, middleware and application technologies to be migrated.

We can help you upgrade or migrate to the following public cloud platforms:


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure



How do you approach these projects?

We are very careful in the planning; our aim is to minimise system changes where possible, and keep a clear line of communication with the activities being performed. 

Supporting this approach is our deep expertise in the technology along with a wealth of experience in performing complex migration and upgrade projects.

What are the benefits?

We understand the balance of keeping critical systems stable and operating – and the opportunities provided from adopting the latest technologies. We bring this expertise to solve the challenges of delivering successful upgrade and migration projects with minimal disruption to your business operations.

This enables you to plan and execute strategies to take advantage of the latest technologies – with the confidence of having BSC as your partner along this journey.

What are these types of activities you take in mitigating the risk?

The key ingredients are planning and expertise in completing the upgrade with the lowest risk. 

You cannot create an effective plan if you do not have the expertise. Likewise, you cannot complete the project to standard if you do not have the expertise.

What are the potential risks?

There are usually two areas of risk:

  • The database system performance or stability changes after the upgrade, so users might experience poor performance or a hung system causing major impacts to business operations. 
  • There may also be problems during the upgrade that forces a rollback to existing systems. Each scenario carries its own costs. 

Steps can be taken to minimise problems arising through careful planning and testing.

What type of testing is done to make sure it works?

We are flexible working within customer timeframes.

We create a test environment and run multiple iterations to ensure the solution can be applied successfully. This allows us to identify the changes forward and any rollback changes.

Do you have case studies of this work?

Yes. You can view our case studies here.