Database Optimisation

Poorly performing databases have a significant intangible cost attached to them. Important business KPI’s based on customer satisfaction, employee engagement, can in part be driven by the effectiveness of the underlying database platform.

We have assisted many organisations with optimising their database platforms – enabling their business to run faster with less cost.

Application Optimisation

Does your IT environment support inflated capacity peaks to service poorly designed or written applications?

Inefficient applications rob your systems ability to respond to changing business demands quickly and efficiently. Slow application response time directly impacts your organisations bottom line and can be directly impact the organisations ability to meet management KPI’s.

High Availability

Critical business processes require continuous availability from the supporting IT infrastructure. Database and application platforms must be designed and managed to support planned and unplanned downtime with minimal impact to business operations.

Delivering platform high availability is not achieved in isolation – it must be balanced against the competing drivers of cost, complexity and performance.


Consolidation of platforms and databases provide many opportunities to save cost, increase agility and standardise operational procedures.

Deciding which layers of the technology stack to consolidate around however can present its own challenges as benefits in one area of the IT ecosystem can be eclipsed by additional cost or complexity in other areas.

License Optimisation

Effective use of software licenses provides the greatest ROI. Non-stop advances in infrastructure and software capabilities open up new opportunities for organisations to extract greater value from their existing software investment.

Opportunities to consolidate and migrate existing database and application workloads allow organisations to deliver capabilities that may have been cost prohibitive in the past.

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