Mission critical business applications demand non-stop availability and consistent response times. Support and maintenance of these platforms requires the highest skill levels across multiple technology disciplines.

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Database Managed Services

From ad hoc projects through to ongoing Managed Services, BSC provides organisations who have existing mission critical database platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and AWS Databases specialist capability to augment their internal support team or manage the platforms at maximum effectiveness, efficiency and lowest cost model. 

Perhaps you have the technology but don’t have the resources to apply it effectively or in a way that will generate the best returns for your business. We solve that skills gap problem and provide you with highly experienced DBAs skills on demand.  

Typical engagements will include technical consulting services looking at:

  • Performance and optimisation across database platforms
  • Implementing database platforms
  • Database migrations and upgrades within a given database platform
  • Cross platform database migrations and upgrades (e.g. Oracle to MS SQL)

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure management services ensure your hardware, networks and operating systems optimally support your business critical database systems. It also ensures system administration and security aspects of the system are correctly configured and supported.

This service is appropriate where organisations have different internal groups or even completely separate vendors handling hardware, networks and database needs. In these cases BSC can provide a single point of responsibility, and management of your IT infrastructure. 

We help you to take a whole platform view to ensure business-critical database services operate without interruption and with maximum efficiency.

Database Security Audit

If you have governance or compliance reporting requirements or concerns on the security of your database platform, the BSC Data Security Audit can assist. We analyse your systems and provide reporting and corrective action advice.

In this service we audit your existing data platforms and recommend what may be needed to ensure you’re doing everything possible to prevent unauthorised access.

Our Data Security Audit is a targeted 5 day engagement where we:

  • Apply vendor and proprietary database analysis tools to your data systems
  • Analyse the results
  • Recommend improvements based on your business requirements combined with technical feasibility

The benefits of this service include:

  • Delivery of a third party security report for use in internal and external governance processes
  • Application of industry standard and vendor approved auditing tools
  • Action plans to close issues identified in the audit.

AI and Automation Data Support

AI and Automation systems can now deliver practical solutions for complex problems at budgets affordable for small to medium size organisations.

These tools help monitor your IT environment, understand trends and patterns and identify exceptions or outliers in the activity of the system.

Without these sort of tools or processes it can be very, very difficult to identify potential data breaches or unauthorised access to a system. This is both a business operations and compliance issue.

These systems work through automated monitoring of high volume transactions files to identify unusual patterns.

For example, one of our systems regularly generates approximately 2,000 log events each day for a single process. It’s practically, and financially, impossible for an employee to check these logs each day look for exceptions.

However, AI and automation tools make it easy to identify normal and abnormal patterns in the data. This information is used to create automated alerts when an issue is detected.

BSC provide a range of services in this area:

  • Design and delivery of the operational support systems needed to collect the high volume log and activity data
  • Design and delivery of AI and Automation systems to increase operational quality and identify problems before they become an issue.

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