Cloud Migration

Cloud migration projects provide the opportunity to adopt new technologies that increase the availability and resilience of your most important applications. Our combined capabilities provide an end to end solution for your cloud migration through design, planning and execution – minimising downtime, reducing risk and appropriately enabling the use of new technologies.

Cloud Data Consolidation

We see the opportunities for consolidation of data, applications and systems in the cloud as being one of the major drivers to migrate existing on-premise workloads to a cloud platform. Cloud technologies provide the ability to locate and store data in ways that would either be cost prohibitive or simply not possible with on-premise technologies.

Cloud Implementation

Modern cloud technologies have made systems deployment as easy as point and click. High Availability, performance, agility and cost requirements all become critical factors that require balance and consideration for the target deployment. With the number of available service configurations continuing to increase it is essential to design the correct services into your cloud deployment to avoid bill shock.

Cloud Solutions

Migration of existing on-premise mission critical production workloads to a public cloud service provider is not a simple task. The size, availability requirements and integration touch-points for mission critical applications are complexity multipliers that increase the cost, duration and risk beyond a simple “lift and shift” exercise.