Mission critical business applications demand non-stop availability and consistent response times. Support and maintenance of these platforms requires the highest skill levels across multiple technology disciplines.

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Cloud Migration Readiness Review

Considering migrating your on-premise database to the cloud? Our package Cloud Migration Readiness Review will help you take the first steps towards a safe and effective cloud database migration.

We can help de-risk your cloud migration by providing you with an accurate assessment of your database platform’s cloud readiness before committing resources to a migration.

We consider software versions, supporting infrastructure and available migration methods for your database platform to enable you to make informed decisions to build your cloud migration business case.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Obtain independent, vendor neutral, cloud strategy advice and recommendations from an organisation with 20 years of mission-critical database expertise.

Whether you are just looking at how to move some of your data applications to the cloud or want to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of existing cloud deployments, BSC is able to assist.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Migration

Migrating backups to a cloud service provider can be very cost effective. Unlike traditional backup and disaster recovery options, Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery can provide a level of resilience not feasible on-site and at the same low price point.

As an example, in one application, our client required off-site, long-term archival storage for the system backups. BSC utilized two different cloud service providers to provide an additional layer of data resilience. Total ongoing data costs: $30 a month.

Delivering similar capabilities without using cloud providers would have required sending information to multiple external data centres, provisioning of infrastructure, operating and running that infrastructure, etc. This would not have been cost effective.

Cloud backup services can also deliver archiving and long-term storage very cost-effectively when compared to other methods.

BSC can assist with the strategy, design and implementation of these services.

Data Centre Cloud Migration and/or Shutdown

Data Centre to Cloud migration services are designed for organisations that have determined they no longer want to run and maintain their own IT equipment infrastructure and/or software environments.

This is a complex and high-risk transition that involves moving applications and databases out of the existing central location into an external cloud service provider, while maintaining and improving performance, availability and security.

These migrations are not quick or trivial but BSC’s long history and experience with data transitions means we are able to lower your risk (budgetary and schedule) and maximise the final delivery.

Cloud Managed Services

If you have already migrated some, or all, of your database applications to a cloud service provider but lack the in-house skills or capability minimise cost and maximise the effectivenes and efficiency, BSC can manage those applications on your behalf.

Cloud Optimisation

Where clients have a large number of applications (40+) running on cloud services, BSC are able to optimise the installation against a variety of goals:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Increased flexibility
  3. Increased performance

By ensuring the level of provisioning matches your actual requirements, BSC can reduce costs while delivering the same, or better, application performance.

We offer both fixed price and benefit based engagements to help you reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your cloud environments.

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