Cloud Open Source Database Migration Options

Trying to figure out which cloud service provider to choose for your cloud database migration? When switching from a commercial, on-premise database over to open source with either public or private cloud there are a number of cloud database migration options available.

Most cloud providers offer DBaaS across many of the common open source database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB, plus non-relational databases like MongoDB and Redis. While creating, running, and managing a database with each cloud provider may be easy, migration takes a little more patience and setup.

We take a deeper look into migrating from commercial engines to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for open source database storage and operations – along with considerations for deploying to your own on premise private cloud environment.

Database migration can be a clever move – provided you review your current system, then choose the correct database type and provider to migrate to.

Open Source Databases: Considerations and Options

The capabilities of open source relational database management systems have increased dramatically over the past few years. Innovative uses for large, web scale, applications has helped drive this along with many of these database platforms underpinning public cloud DBaaS offerings.

Organisations looking to drive up innovation along with maintaining or lowering capex and operational cost now have many database platform options available. PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora and AWS RDS offerings all provide robust relational database management platforms.

What does this mean however for your existing commercial RDBMS platforms? Are the open source database platforms a new trend with limited lifespan? What are the specific use cases where organisations should consider migrating their commercial database to an open source database?

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