The IT Decision Maker’s Guide to Cloud Database Services

database cloud service comparison

Database cloud services are a key component of every IT cloud migration. Depending on your objectives and requirements, different cloud services and vendors should be evaluated to ensure the best fit for your purpose.

Here I summarise each of the major database cloud service providers and evaluate their core offerings. Given the vast differences in customer requirements it’s impossible to provide specific recommendations – but I do outline the pro’s and con’s of each service.

Oracle Cloud Migration Steps with Low Risk & Maximum Value

cloud migration

Cloud migration of existing IT applications and infrastructure provides opportunities for organisations to save cost, provide greater levels of service and deliver a competitive advantage.

While the migration of certain technologies to cloud services is a no brainer – the migration of large, mission-critical database platforms can be more challenging. The associated planning, reconfiguration for dependent systems, testing and operational setup of the cloud platform can alter the cost/benefit of the whole migration.